We’ll take a deep look at your overall performance. Your website, social media, and SEO all affect how your business performs online. We’ll build a strategy that combines all of these elements in order to help enhance all three individually and collectively. After we create our findings, we’ll showcase it in an easy to read presentation and go over it with you.

Social media is an ever moving and ever changing process. We’ll keep up with the tides so you don’t have to worry about how they are changing. Whatever your needs; editorial calendar, copy, response management, we are here to help and produce it based on a posting schedule that fits your needs. If you enjoy posting the content yourself, but are unsure of the direction your social channels to be going in, we also offer consulting services on your current social media strategy.

Your customers love your business, but people aren’t finding you online, what’s the problem? Simple answer; SEO. We’re here to help solve that issue with you. We have the SEO skills your website needs, and can implement them for you, so you can continue working with and growing the fantastic business you’ve established.

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We understand that not everyone fully understands what our services may entail despite how much people agree that such services are needed. So we will be developing a video series for educational purposes. That way when you are ready to work with us, you can make an informed decision on what you services you require from us.

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Jerome has delivered and continues to deliver solid work in both web design as well as technical support. I'm happy to have him on our team, especially as his WordPress skills have improved over the past four years. His easy going personality and apt to expanding his horizons makes him a great person to work with.

To your success with Digital Living Space.

Bill Ross

Chief Technical Officer of GOe3

Jerome is an outstanding person to work with and we will continue to work with him. He is very responsible, honest, and reliable. Jerome has done right by us and gets our positive recommendation.

Jonathan Sack

Managing Director of ASPIRE Careers

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