A common question we get when it comes to social media is, “Do I really need all of these social media accounts?”

Our answer is, it depends on your demographic. Knowing your demographic will determine where you need to be on social media. For each social media platform such as Tumblr, Snapchat, or Soundcloud each have a specific audience. This can be a certain interest or certain age of users that are using the platform.

Let’s use the three social media platforms we mentioned earlier, Tumblr, Snapchat and Soundcloud.


Tumblr has become popular for multiple reasons. Some would say and we agree that Tumblr has a more laid back type of audience. Tumblr also provides different ways to interact with other users than how users would interact on Facebook. Facebook has reaction emojis and recently added the option for users to post gif images. Facebook now allows users to reply with GIF images but Tumblr users had access to this for a while. People use GIF image reactions like this one below:

social media reaction


Snapchat uses micro videos for people to shoot and share with others. Like Instagram, Snapchat has filters that users can use to add to their videos such as flowers to dog ears. If your demographic is young people below the age of roughly 35 years of age, you need to be on Snapchat.


Soundcloud is a pure music sharing social media platform. Musicians from all walks of life use this platform. Either you’re looking for a singer, DJ or someone who plays an instrument you can find them here.

As mentioned in our previous blog article, you must know what industry you’re in so you have a good idea of what social media platform you need to be on.

You can expand your reach by being on other social media platforms. However, this is would be something you want, not what you need since we have explained already how to determine what social media profile(s) you may need for your business.


This platform we wanted to include because this is a special social media platform. Pinterest has a similar benefit that YouTube also has. Content on Pinterest performs better over a longer period of time. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Facebook once you post the content, in days the content is gone and people have moved onto the new content. For as Pinterest, your content there can perform just as good the day it is published same as it can months from now. So to people in the food industry and especially DIY niches, being on Pinterest is a must.

Social Media Software

A lot of people have more than one social media profile. The same is likely true for businesses. There might be one problem, remembering all the passwords for your social media accounts. There are ways to consolidate your social media accounts.

For small businesses, we recommend Hootsuite for it will get the job done for posting to multiple social media accounts at once. There is software for bigger business such as Sprinklr. There’s plenty of software out there for your social media needs that are friendly to both your business and your budget. We’ll do another blog post on the different types of software you can use for your business.

As a recap, focus first on what social media profile(s) you need and what you seek to accomplish from those platforms. Then, consider what social media platform may be worth adding to your marketing strategy.

If all of this is not your cup of tea and you want to simply focus on your business, you can contact us for social media services. We also offer consulting services where we analyze your social media profiles to see where we can add improvements to your strategies. We will analyze one of your social media profiles for free! Give us a call today!

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